Sunday, October 31, 2010

Down time

31st October 2010

It's been a different kind of day for us. We had a leisurely start with a super breakfast. I'm amazed at my will power. It's too easy to eat too much when it's all lovely and included in the room rate.

We headed off out with our shopping list of electronics, hoping for real bargains. No. The days of really cheap cameras etc are long gone. Having been unsuccessful we took a tram to its terminus and back again then back to the hotel to chill. Cath and I had discovered a massage place just beside the hotel with prices that made it a definite "had to have". The guys did their own thing while we went for massages. Cath had an aromatherapy one while I had reflexology. Mine cost £9.50 and was just wonderful. At one point early on I nearly yelped in pain but it was just fantastic afterwards. The power these tiny girls have in their hands is unbelievable. Think we'll have to go back tomorrow - just to make sure that neither of us was exaggerating how good it was!

After that it was up to the roof terrace for a drink by the pool. The guys were already well settled by the time we got there. Because of the high buildings there was not actually a lot of sun but it was really nice relaxing anyway. Holidays are such hard work!

Early drinks and canapes then off out.

We wanted to take the Star Ferry at night so did that then walked down Nathan Road. That's where the visual and commercial action is at night.
We had a really nice inexpensive meal in a restaurant full of Chinese people. It was interesting that most of them were eating steaks and we being the only westerners were eating chinese.

This is the end of another lovely day. Time is going way too quickly.

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  1. I'm now up to date.

    What a truly great way to end a 'holiday'.

    For the first time, too, I can actually accompany you through the streets and places of Hong Kong that you have mentioned. I must return.