Monday, October 25, 2010

At Sea

Monday 25th October 2010

Our first day "at sea". Many would say that we are always at sea! Breakfast was at 7am for an 8.15 shore excursion! Getting up at 6am on holiday seems a trifle early. Apparently the schedule is set to avoid the intense heat in the summer.

We were taken to Feng Du Ghost city. Not as uninhabited as the title would suggest. In fact it was full of hawkers of all kinds of tat. We went by chair lift - a white knuckle ride for John who hates heights - to a complex of temples. Each one was devoted to where we would go in the afterlife and what would happen to us when we're there.

Back to the ship for a prodigous lunch and afternoon on the balcony enjoying the passing world of the Yangtse River. The weather was disappointingly dull but the whole experience held novelty value for us.

Having seen the torture chambers that may face us in the afterlife Cath and I decided to submit to our own torture and went for another massage. Surely the pain must be good for us.

Evening was the captain's reception - he wasn't the best of hosts! Apart from a liqueur glass of what tasted like tonic wine the reception consisted of a compulsory photoshoot with the Captain.

Dinner was excellent. After dinner Hmmm! Hell came early for John by way of the "entertainment". Nightcap on the balcony rounded off a good day.


  1. My brother and his partner are currently on a cruise on the Yangtse River. Stranger things have happened...keep an eye out for two Aussies, Denis and Di.

  2. So what exactly does happen to us in the afterlife then? I am worried now, do I have to start behaving myself or is there a suitable temple that I might enjoy as I am?!