Saturday, October 16, 2010

We've Done It!

Friday 15th October 2010

We've done it! Up this morning really excited. Had a lovely goodbye with our Lama friend and got a really good pic of Donnie with him.

Sat by the window in amazement. China not as I had expected. Scenery was just beautiful and was not really industrialised until the outskirts of Beijing. There were lots of tunnels through the rock. No mean feat of engineering. It was yet another beautiful day so we saw the country at its best.

We arrived just after 2pm and queued for a taxi for quite a while. When our turn came we had one very grumpy taxi driver. 4 adults, 2 steamer trunks etc etc. He was furious and shouted at us for the first 10 mins.  In the end he dropped us quite a lot far short of our destination. Not to be phased we followed our leader dragging steamer trunks and holdall behind us - as opposed to tails. True to form John got us here all in one piece.

Hotel is really nice. Our rooms are the most basic but perfectly adequate. We booked our trip to the Wall tomorrow then headed off out. We now know it's an ok 20 minute walk to the metro. We came back to the hotel and had a beautiful meal. It was delivered in relays and me, being the hungriest got mine last. I was the hungriest 'cos I had a dicky tummy so had eaten nothing all day. Hopefully it'll be ok now. Our delicious meal and the inevitable 4 beers (and "No Mum, I did not drink a whole beer with a dicky tummy!") cost us less than £40. The whole trip is actually coming in way under budget.

For some reason, which Graham is kindly trying to investigate for us, we are unable to access our blog this evening despite having internet access. Sooooo looking forward to our trip to the Wall but will try again when we get back. There is just so much to experience and fun to have but not enough hours in the day.

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