Saturday, October 2, 2010


How little can we actually get away with taking? It's difficult to cater for all the different climates and conditions. Layers are definitely the way to go. Cost for me is balanced with cheap thermals from Primark and the wonderful quality and lightness of Rohan. This is a great excuse to get John to ditch some of his 200 plus t shirts - we're taking old underwear and t shirts for the train that we will bin as we go along.

I pushed the boat out and bought John 3 pairs of Rohan underpants at £15 each. I don't even spend that much on my own! Once again I am extolling the virtues of colour analysis - everything goes with everything else.

So, we're down to one fairly large suitcase between us and one fairly small holdall that will contain what we will need on the train. Our small day rucksack will take the guide books and cameras. Sorted!

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  1. I don't know how you do it - don't forget the netbook! I take more than that for a weekend (though ironically because life is duplicated in New Zealand I can get away with a cabin backpack for the computer and a small case for transferring odds and ends).