Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday 5th October 2010

Our first full day on the train. None of us slept particularly well as we needed time to get used to the movement of the train. It was more than a little jerky and there were occasions when you thought you were going to get catapulted out of the bunk. I think Donnie spent most of the night hanging on to the safety rail!

The buffet car provided lovely fresh orange juice for breakfast.

 We got hot water from the samovar at the end of the carriage so could have an unlimited supply of hot water for tea, coffee, oxo or whatever. It wasn't until lunchtime that we discovered they had removed the buffet car! Luckily we had lots of cereal bars and a little of our picnic left - including one bottle of wine. We thought they would probably add a buffet car at the Bellaruse border but they didn't.

The border was interesting and a bit scary. As we drew in to the station there was a long row of very officious looking police and border guards. They took away our passports and we had the usual entry forms to fill in. Donnie and Cath had not taken copies of their passports and visas so Cath had photographed them. Just as well as we were required to provide passport and visa details without reference to our passports.

The train was then shunted into a siding while they changed the guages. Really interesting.

While all that was happening a local lady boarded the train selling vodka, beer etc. John and I declined the vodka but bought a couple of bottles of beer. Donnie and Cath heard the "Nein" but didn't realise we had bought beer. Donnie - wee leggies a blurrrrr - yes! By that time she was down to her last bottle of beer so Donnie bought something else which turned out to be drinking yoghurt! Life is interesting.

 So we had no food but we did have 3 bottles of beer between us and of course our last bottle of wine! Life was all right.

We had expected to be woken in the night as we crossed into Russia but were not. We all slept better.

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  1. 3 bottle of beer, a bottle of wine and a drinking yoghurt - the mind boggles. They changed the trains guage? Now that really would have been interesting.