Saturday, October 16, 2010

Addendum to 10th October

Forgot to mention a particularly amusing incident. We were making our way along the train to the restaurant car when we came to one carriage that didn't have a handle on the door. The attendant for that car spoke no English so once again we played charades. Eventually she communicated with someone who came and opened the door for us. Problem -no handle on the other side either. Bizarre. We took the view that would be a worry for another time and carried on. I think Tom took his duties as a new husband a little more seriously. Anyway we had a good meal and not until the end did we speculate on whether the door would have a handle or not. By then we had loads of various scenarios worked out. This game was right up your street Gillie. In fact there have been several occasions when we have invented stories to fit circumstances and I have said "Gillie would be loving this." In the event there was a handle on the door when we returned. No dilemma.

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