Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner by Pictures

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Thursday 21st October 2010

We began the day as ordinary mortals do - with a lovely large breakfast. A leisurely start and we headed off out to walk along the city wall. It was not much of a climb up to the battlements and we started walking. Donnie John and I were sitting minding our own business waiting for Cath when these middle aged Chinese people asked if they could take our photo! One of the women joined us in the pose and they snapped away. We don't know who they think we are or what makes us so appealing. We of course know why we are so appealing! Actually we think it is the grey hair that attracts them. We see very few Chinese with grey hair. We wonder who is looking at photos of us and what is being said.

We passed lots of people on bikes then came to a kiosk with bikes parked. There were solo bikes and tandems. None of us had ever been on a tandem so.... always game for an adventure we rented 2. We got 100 minutes for our £4. Good value but.... Riding a tandem is a very different skill. We mounted, we wobbled, we fell off! We mounted, we wobbled and we fell off! After several attempts we were going. All this was taking place in front of an audience of about 15 elderly Chinese who laughed and cheered and clapped when we set off. Lots of photos were taken of us again. To be fair we were laughing as much ourselves.

The bike that John and I had made a horrific clanking sound from the start. We were about 25 mins from the beginning when John started yelling at me to pedal! I was trying my best but the pedals wouldn't go round. The brakes had locked! It was a long walk back. We took it in turns with the one operational bike It was a pity 'cos it was actually great fun.

One poor Chinese lass did not think it was such a happy experience. Mechanics Smith and Marshall were trying to solve our problem when we heard a crash. We looked round to see a girl who had been cycling up one of the cobbled ramps and had not made it to the top. She fell off and was clearly hurt. She had walloped her head on the stone. We don't think she actually lost consciousness but was obviouly shaken. We did our good samaritan bit and she headed off. She had a huge lump already rising on her head. Hope she was ok.

Bikes returned. We needed a beer to recover. Not easy to find but needs must when the devil drives. Beer sourced and enjoyed we set off to climb the Bell Tower. As we are staying in the Bell Tower Hotel and can see and hear it we felt we really ought to climb it.

 Nothing great but good views. On the way back to the hotel we met an elderly lady being pushed in a wheelchair. We were obviosly a great novelty for her. She passed us twice, having a good look each time. Cath decided it was time for us to retaliate so asked her if we could take her photo. She was absolutely delighted and enjoyed posing for us. Not exactly one all but at least we have scored.

Back to the hotel. Girls sorting luggage and the guys have gone for a massage. Donnie wanted time to "spruce up" first - Hmm! They are in for a big disappointment. Cath and I know the pain they will have to go through! Will add to this when they get back (if they can walk back!)

They're back! Lies! No pain! Lies! They did admit to a little discomfort!

For dinner tonight we're planning to return to the same street where we ate last night. Hope it's as good. I wonder if we'll remember how to cater for ourselves when we get home.                      

Donnie has been violently sick. He reckons it was the one small can of beer he had this afternoon which he was suspicious of. We really hope he's right. He is the only one of us to be bitten. Do hope there's no connection. It's an anxiety we're keeping to ourselves.

John and I headed out for dinner on our own. We had planned to go to the area we ate in last night but saw this really busy restaurant full of Chinese people. We couldn't see a menu in English but there did seem to be pictures. The restaurant was 3 floors high and each one was packed. We were lucky to get a table so reckoned that the food would at least be fresh.

We looked at the pictures and chose what looked like fried rice, a dish that looked like battered .prawn tails in a sauce with noodles and some crispy fried things that we erroneously thought might be squid. The fried rice was fried rice. The prawns could have been prawns; we're not sure but they were lovely . After some discussion we decided it was best not to think about what the crispy fried things were. They definitely were not worms or locusts so anything else was ok. They were actually quite nice. It's now been a couple of hours and neither of us has been unwell yet. Fingers crossed.

We did text Cath and ask if she wanted us to bring her back a Macdonalds! Donnie had been more unwell while we were out. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow. At leasy we don't have a busy day before we get the train in the evening.


  1. Times like this your sturdy constitutions come in handy! Hope Donnie is feeling better. Maybe it is nothing to do with food or drink and just nerves before the 1st Old Firm game of the season!

  2. Poor Donnie - hope he feels better soon (and the rest of you don't succumb). Remember - alcohol is Nature's disinfectant ;-)