Saturday, October 30, 2010

The End Of The Line

Thursday 28th October 2010

We all slept ok but it was John's turn for the runny tummy. We arrived in Guang Zhou just after 11am and after more charades we managed to get 2 taxis to take us to Guang Zhu Dong where we were to get the train for the final leg of our journey. Lady Luck smiled on us. There was a train leaving for Hung Hom in less than 2 hours. Having got our tickets we went for lunch -our first Kentucky Fried Chicken. None of us had ever had one anywhere so didn't know what to expect. There was nothing in English so we just pointed at a picture without knowing what we were ordering. It was really good. Spicy but good. John passed on all food or liquid intake and the 3 of us had our fill for less than 8 GBP. Value!

The train to Hung Hom was only 2 hours. We all felt full of anticipation and a sense of achievement.
Taxis again to our hotel. Everything just keeps getting better. We chose our hotel so well. It is real luxury, even better than Chong Qing. We went for upgraded rooms with a harbour view. We really do have a full view of the harbour with floor to ceiling windows.

Our room also gives us eligibility to the sky lounge where there is unlimited tea, coffee and soft drinks all day. In the evening from 5.30 till 7.30 there are free drinks and canapes. Needless to say we are taking full advantage of it. What a fantastic way to end a fantastic trip.

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