Monday, November 1, 2010

Stanley and Macau

1st November 2010w
Early breakfast then the guys set off for Macau.

Cath and I set off for Stanley market. We wanted a bit more of a brouse than male tolerance would allow on Saturday. Success. Wandered. Browsed. Bought. Doubt if Chloe will see this blog but just in case I wont detail our brill brill buy for her for Christmas. Delighted. It's just fantastic. She'll love it.

We had a lovely girly day. Drinks on the terrace. Cath and I were enjoying our drinks when this very loud American woman spoke/shouted/deafened us. She was part of a tour and had travelled fairly extensevly. I know she was just being friendly but Cath and I were quite enjoying quiet time on our own. She and husband had been to the UK a few years ago so we had to hear all about that. She wanted to know where Cath and I had learnt our English! Had we learnt it at school! We were more than a smidgeon confused but it turned out that she meant our very pc Queen's English. I think not! I said to her that we considered ourselves to have an educated Scots accent. It's true. I would love to think I had an educated Scots accent. It's just so..... everything I would love it to be.

Showers before the guys came back then canapes etc. That was disappointing. Too many people encroaching on what we had come to view as our private space. Would be lovely if they were only staying one night but doubt that.

As the guys were so late back we decided to have dinner in the hotel. It was a buffet and was just perfect. Given all the free canapes we had already gorged on we actually didn't need a full buffet dinner. Nevertheless it was lovely. When we had finished dinner we discovered the lobby bar was still doing a 2 for 1. Gosh! Quelle surprise! 2 bottles of good red wine for 200 Hong Kong dollars - £16. This was such a real treat for us. Not that we like wine! We all thoroughly enjoyed our wine in the posh hotel lobby bar.

Now posting this late at night. Scary that we only have one more night here. Can't believe this wonderful trip is nearly over. Because most of the Blog has been by email proxy courtesy of Graham we're really looking forward to reading it and reliving all the memories.


  1. You seem to have gone very much up market last few days. Blog gone from having beer to wine and canapes. Bet you are loving being rich!

  2. Yes Jenny. We do love being rich. I hope anyone reading this Blog does not misunderstand our definition of being rich. Just to explain our family saying: I believe we are truly rich 'cos we have a warm home, food on our plates, wine in our glasses and good friends with whom to share it.