Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the train

Friday 8th October 2010

My nocturnal adventure last night - I was still awake at 2.15am so got up to go to the loo. The toilet is through a door at the end of the compartment which also takes you to a door leading through to the next coach. Just as I opened the door a guy came in. He had obviously been smoking between the cars and I just hadn't seen him. To say I got a fright would be somewhat of an understatement! I think he got almost as big a fright as I did.

After that excitement I did eventually get to sleep.I should say that my wakefulness was not in any way due to lack of comfort. The train jolts a lot but it is mostly a lovely rocking sensation.The washing facilities are more than a tad basic but we came equipped with plenty of wipes. We studiously avoid mentioning toilets to Donnie so presumably he's coping!

We went along to the restaurant car for breakfast and were greeted by a lovely Russian who went through the whole menu telling us what was what.As we had only gone for breakfast we jumped at the mention of omelette so ordered 4 plus o.j. and coffees and a green tea for me.The omelettes arrived still bubbling and absolutely perfect. Great breakfast at only £5.50 each.

We spent the morning watching the world go by. Lots of trees with fabulous autumn colours and a clear blue sky.

We played the Yes/No game that M and Q gave us. It's a version of the old Take Your Pick game show where the contestants are asked a whole load of questions but are not allowed to say Yes or No. If they do then a bell rang and they were out. To start with we were all very good then it became a bit riotous and we kept ringing the bell. Good fun. Thanks M.

At lunchtime we stopped for 15 mins at a station. There were lots of vendors. Cath kept an anxious watch from the train while the guys went to see what they could buy for lunch and I took the camcorder to record the proceedings. We came back with 2 portions of chicken and potatoes, one fish and potatoes, 3 "pies" which tasted a bit like heavy donuts with something inside.

Not unpleasant. John bought a large smoked fish. Big mistake!!! Very smelly and equally boney. He was immediately banished from the compartment and binned it as inedible. We had plenty to share so it was not a problem.

John was feeling dopey from his cold and Cath was sleepy 'cos she's Cath so they slept in the pm while Donnie and I played Patience. It's amazing how Xmas cracker novelties come in useful. They were probably made in China anyway.

We had our apero in the compartment then headed along to the restaurant car for dinner. Our lovely waiter was decidedly drunk and most amusing. We were not sure what of the food we ordered we would end up getting. After several trips to check what we had asked for it arrived. 4 borscht to start. It was delicious. We had borscht twice in Krakow and each time was different. This was different again.

John had fish salad next and thoroughly enjoyed it. We played safe with chicken, veg and fried potatoes. They forgot to cook the potatoes first but it was still good. We ended the day with a smidgeon of vodka. What a lovely day it had been.

In the course of the night we will cross the Urals from Europe in to Asia. Siberia here we come.

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  1. Yes Sue, I think that you have the right balance of information and amusement. I'm really enjoying your journey so far.