Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stanley Market

Saturday 30th October 2010.

Happy Birthday Aunty Jane! We're thinking of you enjoying Rome as we enjoy our day in Hong Kong.

After breakfast John and I headed off to find a tailor to make me a Chinese style top. We didn't find one locally so decided to return to the place where I had my cheong sam made all these years ago. Surprisingly enough we eventually found it. Still in business 13 years later. Prices had gone up but we knew the quality we would get. Chose, ordered and had measurements taken. I go back for a fitting on Tuesday and they will post the top to me at home.

We then met Donnie and Cath at the bus station for the trip to Stanley Market. What can I say? Christmas shopping done and John and I are still speaking! My Christmas shopping trip with Aunty Jane will be rather one sided this year. The perks however will be well and truly shared!

There was apparently a rugby international between Australia and New Zealand taking place in Hong Kong today so traffic was exceptionally bad. We had wondered about going out tonight to see the Star Ferry and Nathan Road at night but decided to leave that until tomorrow. Free drinks and considerable canapes may be the extent of our intake tonight.

Our days are so full that I'm struggling to find the time to text you girls. Thank you for the comments on the blog that we can at last read.

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