Saturday, October 30, 2010

Donnie's Birthday

John's better today. Birthday Boy is in good spirits and pleased with his cards. We had a leisurely start and a lovely breakfast. It was a good clear morning so we decided to head for The Peak. John and I have been up before on both occasions when we have been to Hong Kong. We have never been lucky enough to have good visibility but today was perfect. We took the bus because it has far better views than the tram. It was spectacular.

We lingered for quite a while then felt, after all the exertions of the escalators, we deserved a beer!

We then headed for the Star Ferry. It was clearly a "must do" for Donnie and Cath. By the time we got back to the hotel it was way later than we had expected. All we had time for was a quick in and out of the shower before complementary drinks and canapes. I had bought Donnie one of these tiny 60th birthday cakes that one can buy in the card shops and had taken candles and matches. I produced it while we were in the Sky Lounge and we sang to him.
This of course flagged it up with the management. While we were finishing our drinks the staff brought a big cake with candles and everyone in the lounge sang Happy Birthday to him. Good move on the embarrassment front! Unknown to Donnie we had booked dinner on the Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour. We ordered a taxi and we're soooo glad.
He was delighted and the whole experience was every bit as good as we had remembered. It was a truly memorable 60th birthday. We were not late back at the hotel, in time for a nightcap.

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  1. Lots of happy returns bet you won't top this birthday or maybe you will!! Great blog Love Maggie and Mick